Skin Review: Derpy Me Series

By request, I’ll be reviewing a popular series of skin: The “Derpy Me Series” by . This is just a volume of popular characters with derp faces! Just a playful aspect to it, with fun and detail, but how does it compete with everything else out there?

Derpy Me Series: Batman

Derpy Me Series: TF2 Scout

Derpy Me Series: Business Man

Derpy Me Series:Captain America

The Derpy Me Serious brings comical humor to many characters, both fictional and not. Simple concept, but it’s done with great detail, and especially the Scout! Derpy Me version of Batman brings back the retro version of the hero we all know of, the Scout is an excellent skin taking advantage of the 3d hat material, Business Man shows the common working man, and Captain America is well illustrated to fit it’s theme. Overall, it’s an excellent skin series and I hope to see more from it.

Creativity: 8
Original, but it doesn’t exactly grab the audience’s attention with anything but it’s just humorous.
Performance: 9
Great execution of the idea, making great use of the resources presented, but I maybe the simplicity is what’s taking me away from it’s performance.

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3 Responses to Skin Review: Derpy Me Series

  1. Saltash says:

    Ok i have been trying to work on shading and trying to add more detail as is shown in the tf2 scout skin 🙂 thank you i found this review awesome (Especially since it was about me) i was very happy with this and you are an excellent blogger guy/girl but the looks of things!

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