The Official Halloween Texture Pack by Ottokar V.1.0

The Official Halloween Texture Pack by Ottokar V.1.0, created by Ottokar, is a Halloween themed texture pack, and might I add, a very good one. It’s impossible to use this pack and NOT see a difference between the Default and this pack. And that’s a very, very good thing. I was thoroughly impressed by this pack, being that almost everything (mobs, terrain, features, GUIs) was changed to fit the theme. Don’t just take my word for it. Download it, and here’s what I have to say about it.


There aren’t many, but I had to try to find these.

My father always told me that you know somethings good when you have to TRY to find something wrong. That’s the same way here. I have to put something as the cons, so now I just have to get picky. Like in this picture. It’s a picture of a river with red spots in it. That’s clay, and it bothers me that it’s red. I know, I know, clay is naturally red, but it doesn’t go with it’s surroundings.

Knowing which ore is which can be rather tricky at times, and mining for it can often make you dizzy. Maybe that’s just me, but the ore is just odd.

Now that I can stop being a jerk, I can tell you the glories of this pack.

Turning on the pack greets you with this screen. I didn’t celebrate Halloween today because I was too lazy, but I already got the feeling I was when I was looking at this. First impressions must be good impressions, and this one was good.

The GUIs have strongly differed. The inventory, obviously, changed to fit the theme, as well as healthpoints as pumpkins. As you can see, our hero is a zombie. Again, perfect match for theme.

The sun and moon haven’t just changed for the theme, but also for gameplay. It just looks a lot more realistic and just makes me wish that this was how the game be by default.

Think of a mob. Any mob. Chances are, those were modified in the pack. And they do look beautiful. Skeleton-zombies, bleeding pigs, and mutated cows, oh my!

The Nether got more scary, with the dark changes and everything. Plus, the terrifying Ghast.

A minor pro, but the paintings also fit the theme. Ottokar has gotten everything down!!
That’s it for the pros and cons, and here’s the breakdown.
Creativity: 8
-There are many Halloween themed packs, but this is by far one of the best.
Performance: 10
-It looks great. Brilliant. Genius. It changed for the better in so many ways. Bravo.
Overall: 9

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