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Skin Review: Derpy Me Series

By request, I’ll be reviewing a popular series of skin: The “Derpy Me Series” by . This is just a volume of popular characters with derp faces! Just a playful aspect to it, with fun and detail, but how does … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How to Make Great Skins by Blender

I saw many amazing skins on various Minecraft Skin pages, solely by Blender! I PMed him about his strategy for making great skins, and this is what he said! So my technique for making skins involve 2 image editing programs: The … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How to Make Skins in 5 Easy Steps

I’m going to teach you how to make great skins, my way, in 5 easy steps! You can go here to know Blender’s technique on how to make great skins! Step 1: Develop a Theme. Look at the featured skins on … Continue reading

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Skins of 11/6/2011: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but I’m back now with skins! The Good: Puss In Boots by DeathEnergy: This skin makes use of the transparent feature in skins, making Puss’ hat realistic. The skin is also a mirror image of … Continue reading

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The Official Halloween Texture Pack by Ottokar V.1.0

The Official Halloween Texture Pack by Ottokar V.1.0, created by Ottokar, is a Halloween themed texture pack, and might I add, a very good one. It’s impossible to use this pack and NOT see a difference between the Default and … Continue reading

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