Tutorial: How to Make Skins in 5 Easy Steps

I’m going to teach you how to make great skins, my way, in 5 easy steps! You can go here to know Blender’s technique on how to make great skins!

Step 1: Develop a Theme.
Look at the featured skins on the skin page. Chances are, most of them will be based off of actual popular people, animals, or characters. You’ll rarely see a popular skin of just a normal guy.
Step 2: Work body part to body part.

This is something that’ll help you know which body part is which. Right-click the picture above, and click “Save image as…” to save and use this skin template. This skin works as a default for creating skins. This is already enlargened by x10, so editing with details is really easy, and it wouldn’t be a matter of pixalizing. A part that says “Outside” means that it’ll be the right on your left arm, and left on your right arm. “Inside” means that it’ll be the left on your left arm and right on your right arm.
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Skin Review: Derpy Me Series

By request, I’ll be reviewing a popular series of skin: The “Derpy Me Series” by . This is just a volume of popular characters with derp faces! Just a playful aspect to it, with fun and detail, but how does it compete with everything else out there?

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Tutorial: How to Make Great Skins by Blender

I saw many amazing skins on various Minecraft Skin pages, solely by Blender! I PMed him about his strategy for making great skins, and this is what he said!

So my technique for making skins involve 2 image editing programs:

The first one is Gimp. It’s like a simpler and more direct Photoshop that is easy to use. It also comes with some cool effects like lens-flare, and colorize.
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Skins of 11/6/2011: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but I’m back now with skins!

The Good:

Puss In Boots by DeathEnergy:
This skin makes use of the transparent feature in skins, making Puss’ hat realistic. The skin is also a mirror image of the original Puss in Boots, just Minecraft syle.
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The Official Halloween Texture Pack by Ottokar V.1.0

The Official Halloween Texture Pack by Ottokar V.1.0, created by Ottokar, is a Halloween themed texture pack, and might I add, a very good one. It’s impossible to use this pack and NOT see a difference between the Default and this pack. And that’s a very, very good thing. I was thoroughly impressed by this pack, being that almost everything (mobs, terrain, features, GUIs) was changed to fit the theme. Don’t just take my word for it. Download it, and here’s what I have to say about it.
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AssassinCraft 1.9 Ready

AssassinCraft 1.9 Ready, created by Austin_Darkbane1, is obviously an Assassin’s Creed themed Texture Pack. With over 1,800 views and 500 downloads in less than a day, it seems legit, right? Wrong. The only AC related changes was a nonworking cross-bow and how the armor looks. Going in depth, this is what I observed.
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The One That Does it All

This is the Minecraft Fansite that does everything. So far, it’s an army of one, me, that:

  1. Reviews Map Packs.
  2. Teaches how to make them.
  3. Reviews Mods.
  4. Teaches how to make them.
  5. Reviews servers.
  6. Shows news as we get it.
  7. Reviews projects and levels.
  8. Reviews skins.
  9. Helps people gain recognition for their products.
Any much more. I will try to post here at least once a day.
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